LED Nameplate

LED Nameplate


Personalized LED nameplate for your workstations, home  or office spaces. They can be placed almost anywhere even in your PC showing through the transparent side window which are common in PC cases nowadays.


  • Pick from over hundred light effects & colors. (Additional presets are pre-programmed to run automatically in a loop once power is plugged in without having to take out your phone) 

  • Programmable to run on schedules e.g time & day

  • Powered via USB

  • Custom designed with high quality materials

  • Casing can be choice of your colour

  • Fully modular (LED strip and diffuser plate colour can be swapped out easily)

  • Plug & Play Wide spectrum of colour combinations and effects. Running on a amazing free software, WLED, that can be downloaded on any smart phone with tons of customization options. There are presets already included with the software and its ready to plug n play after connecting to your wifi. Works with Alexa as well. Pairing with app on phone takes less than a minute. Physical button included as well. The LED strip installed is a high quality WS2812B SDM 5050 5v usb RGB strip with a long lifespan.